Welcome to High Peaks Log Homes. In addition to selling Timberhaven Log Home packages, we sansin log home productsare also an authorized dealer for the Sansin Corp, manufacturer of quality log home stains and maintenance products.

Sansin offers a complete range of environmentally friendly products designed to enhance the natural beauty of your wood. Sansin manufactures exterior log home stains, deck stains, interior 0-voc stains , interior clear coat finishes and other log home maintenance products.

High Peaks Log Homes is a tinting dealer which allows us to  quickly mix any of the nearly 100 color choices available. We are available to meet with clients to provide samples of stain to apply to their particular wood projects. We have worked with clients to modify colors by either lightening or darkening the tint to meet their individual needs.

Choosing the right kind of log home stain for your log home investment is crucial. Sansin stains are UV resistant, water repellant, low in VOC’s and non-flammable with easy soap and water clean-up. Modified natural oils and resins are carried deep into the woods cell structure using one of natures common place miracles – water. As the water evaporates, Sansin bonds directly with the wood substrate, forming a tough, durable barrier that won’t crack, blister or peel.

Our restoration services include chemical stripping, sanding, and staining. Chemical stripping involves the use of biodegradable stain removers and neutralizers. We follow-up the stain remover with a thorough sanding before filling most checks with chinking. The logs are then ready for staining. Sansin manufactures a variety of exterior finishes ranging from a satin finish to a more glossy finish depending of customer’s needs.

We have restored many log homes in the area – be sure to browse thru our gallery below for a collection of before and after photos. We are always available to meet and inspect your home and provide you with options to refinish your log home.

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